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Here are some comments I received via email after doing some follow up questionnaires!


---This was a GREAT  transaction. Carpet arrived in less time than expected . You were very nice.

I am completely satisfied with this transaction. Thank you ,

Tina  Durham



---The quality was excellent it was better then what I thought I was going to get.

I had received samples from another company and your carpet was much better.

 Scott Simon



---Hi Mark,
     I was quite impressed with your honesty and caring concern for my carpet and It's shipping! It's truly nice to be treated the way you treated me. The carpet is of good color, quality and value; 20 oz. being better than the 15 oz. that is normally available. Should I have other carpet needs, you can bet that you will be the one I come to. I live next to two marina's and know a lot of boaters. When anyone needs carpet I will definitely suggest you! 
            Thank You Very Much!
              Edward E. McWilliams



---Hi Mark,
I was VERY pleased with the carpet. Both quality and color were excellent. Shipping was very fast, it arrived a day before I had planned on getting it. The transaction went very smoothly and, yes, I will be doing business with you again. I'm VERY sorry to say that I didn't take any "before" photos but I'll send you some "after" pictures as this boat would surely be a "poster child" for what a new interior can do for an ugly, old boat!


---Great communication and follow-up. I found it very easy and

comfortable to order from your website. In addition, the statement on your

website that describes your business and its limitations displays a that you

have a honest and straight-forward approach. I appreciated that.

 Mike Heffron



---With out a doubt, I would definitely buy from you again and recommend you to my friends

As far as I am concerned your doing it right!!! Keep Up the Great Work!!!

Very Smooth Transaction, Great Product with a Great Price

 Chris Reul




---I'm very pleased with the carpet and the boat start looking great.

Service was perfect and fast delivery.


Marcel DeMan