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Great job Vinny!!  Looks brand new!

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I buy this carpet directly from the manufacturer. This is the same exact carpet used by many boat manufacturers and sold nationally by some of the biggest retail stores in the business.

Your carpet is shipped directly from the mill to your door! Every piece is inspected prior to being shipped to you.

This is 20 oz 100% BCF Olefin UV treated, high quality marine carpet....so you can buy this carpet with the confidence that it will look and perform great in your boat.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me  anytime


This High Quality marine carpet is a great aftermarket replacement boat carpet for Ranger Carpet, Stratos Carpet, Bullet Carpet, Cajun Carpet, Tracker Marine Carpet, Nitro Carpet, Hydrasports Carpet and many others!   Also a terrific fit for Pontoon Boats, Ski Boats, Yachts, Runabouts and Dock Carpet, Patio Carpet, Pool Carpet as well in glue down applications.  You will find this carpet to be of the highest quality available anywhere on any boat carpet of comparable face weight.

BoatCarpetOnline.com does not claim to have the OEM replacement carpet for nor or we affiliated in any way with Ranger, Stratos, Bullet, Cajun, Tracker, Nitro, or Hydrasports. These are simply some excellent examples of boats that we feel our carpet will perform exceptionally well on because of color schemes used in the manufacturing process.