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My name is Mark Gable

I am originally from Dalton, GA and have a very good friend and lifelong fishing partner that runs a carpet outlet in Dalton. It was through him that I was able to arrange to buy carpet directly from the manufacturer. I purchase the carpet and it is stored at the outlet in Dalton. When you order, my friend personally inspects and cuts the carpet and ships it out to you. You might find marine carpet cheaper at an outlet in Dalton, or even on the internet....but you'll be hard pressed! The carpet I chose to sell, is the same carpet I am installing in my bass boat.  It's high quality 20 oz carpet and I think you will be very pleased with the quality and the price.

I tried to keep things very simple here on this site in order to make buying your carpet as easy as possible. You should know up front that the only reason for this site is to offer a good deal on marine carpet and to make a profit if possible. I am not a boat dealer, builder, or expert. Heck the boat I'm doing now is my first. I won't be able to answer many of your installation questions or offer the assistance that some other marine carpet dealers may offer. There are several companies out there that sell this same carpet and they're prices tend to be higher, however, they offer good customer service, physical locations, experts in the field and a host of other things that might make buying your carpet from them a better choice if you need these services.

If you simply need a high quality carpet, for the least cost, and from there you can handle it on your own....then you've come to the right place!

I will do my best to help or answer any questions that I can!

See ya on the water!